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"Once in a while I get to work with people (and horses, for that matter) that are experiencing fear. Sometimes they're afraid to go into the pasture and expose themselves to all the horses in there, sometimes they're afraid to clean the hooves, sometimes they're afraid to canter.. And so on. Fear is a strong feeling and should be taken seriously! There's this attitude among us equestrians - "just get back on the horse and do it!" - that I really want to change. . When I work with insecure persons (or horses) I tend to approach the fear as if it was about bungee jumping or claustrophobia. The fear of heights and/or narrow spaces are so universal that I feel most people can relate to them. I ask my students "Would you push someone with vertigo over the edge? Would you throw someone with claustrophobia in a coffin and close it?" Of course, everybody says "no." Then I ask them "Then why are you doing that to yourself/to your horse?" . Pushing someone who's experiencing fear is the worst thing you can do - no matter if it's about yourself, a student, a horse and so on. You may get the desired result in that moment, but it's no way to overcome fear. It will only grow stronger from time to time. So what should you do instead?"
- Norah Kohle

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